Imperial Herbal Restaurant

Known especially for its medicinal herb-based cooking aimed at creating a balance between yin and yang, the long-standing Imperial Herbal restaurant has added a café (yes it’s spelled “TCafe”)—to attract a younger crowd, no doubt. We’re all for the revamp because this place has much to offer. The menu is adventurous—its more than 20 double-boiled […]


Tucked away outside Millenia Walk is this large Japanese restaurant—a mix of counter and booth seats, and cleverly-utilized space awash in earthy tones. We started off with a bowl of genmai (brown rice) imported from Japan’s Akira prefecture. The short-grain rice was soft, fluffy, chewy and very nice. We then went on to an ofune, […]

Ghaangothree Vegetarian Restaurant

While this smallish India restaurant looks just like any other ordinary eatery in Little India, Ghaangothree stands out for its quality vegetarian food and affordable prices. With its inconspicuous location, this is a great place if you’re looking for a hole-in-the-wall joint that no one’s really heard of. We especially liked the garlic and butter […]