Grand Shanghai Restaurant

If you’re craving a bit of Shanghai glam meets supperclub then head to Grand Shanghai. With the restaurant at capacity many nights of the week and a jazz singer in cheongsam crooning out the tunes, the restaurant has a vibrant and lively atmosphere that is both captivating and yet, doesn’t take itself too seriously.

This is a place people come for special occasions (while we were there “Happy Birthday” rang out at least five times), so it works equally well for somewhere animated to entertain the boss, giggle with some friends, or please the oldies. And luckily it has more than just live music to offer.

House specials include the crispy duck, and we found our Peking duck suitably crisp without being too oily or fatty. As an added bonus, the accompanying noodles were deliciously covered in sauce and not too dry as they are apt to be at other restaurants. Other notable dishes include the braised meatballs with vegetables, crab meat with egg white and black pepper beef.

Combined with more than competent service, Grand Shanghai makes for a fun night out.