Freddy Wee, hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapist Freddy Wee fills us in on the daily on-goings of his job, and answers our questions about animals, smoking and, yes, the pendulum.

Mistaken Identity

Long blonde hair, check. Singer-songwriter, check. Legendary status, check. Funky old lady, check. The album Blue—huh?It was bound to happen sooner or later. In a curious case of mistaken identity, a local newspaper made a little booboo recently when a journalist, who had conducted an interview with legendary jazz and folk singer Rickie Lee Jones, […]

Week of March 23, 2007

ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 19): Hundreds of years ago, the Native American tribe known as the Seneca had a rule of thumb about when to sow corn seed. You had to wait until the weather was warm enough to lie naked in the dirt without discomfort. I believe a similar principle applies to your plans to […]

Grand Shanghai Restaurant

If you’re craving a bit of Shanghai glam meets supperclub then head to Grand Shanghai. With the restaurant at capacity many nights of the week and a jazz singer in cheongsam crooning out the tunes, the restaurant has a vibrant and lively atmosphere that is both captivating and yet, doesn’t take itself too seriously. This […]

Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant

Founded in 1956, Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant touts itself as having invented Singapore’s famous black pepper crab, making its situation next to the Merlion along the Singapore River particularly apt. In the past we’ve found their seafood well above par, but on our latest visit we were disappointed to find that standards had significantly dropped. […]

Seeking professional help

Exactly how much has continually advancing technology affected us psychologically—the way we interact or the way we behave? We spoke to Why Yong Peng, an assistant professor from the National University of Singapore’s Department of Psychology, to find out.

Top Gadgets of 2007

Techies went nuts last year, with a whole slew of gadgets to keep them more than occupied—and this year looks to continue that trend.