Herbs and Spices

Opened in November last year, this restaurant strangely calls itself an Eurasian restaurant, but it doesn’t serve fusion cuisine. It has two menus—one with Italian staples like pasta, pizza and one with North Indian dishes. From the Italian menu, we ordered the pizza Napoletana with anchovies and capers ($12), and the lasagna traditizionale ($10). The pizza wasn’t too bad, but it was a little too greasy. We weren’t too crazy either about the lasagna, which tasted too milky. The Indian menu is by far better than the Italian. Our mutton hariyali kebab ($7) was tasty but a little cold. However, the palak paneer cottage cheese cooked in boiled spinach ($6) was one of the best we had tasted. It wasn’t too sweet and the cheese had a very addictive chewy texture. It also went great with the Kashmir naan ($2.50). Our panna cotta ($6) was also enjoyable, and through it’s an Italian dessert, it seemed to complement the Indian food better. The portions here are generous, the prices are extremely reasonable, and the food tasted better than its humble exterior would have you believe.