Hibiki opens out to a bay view and the F1 track amid simple décor. However, we were there for the highlight of its menu, sumiyaki (barbequed food over hot charcoal), which offered a decent variety of seafood, red meat, poultry and non-meat items like mushrooms and eggplants. We loved the juicy, well-marinated yakitori, but not the asparagus pork belly, as the pork belly was sliced so thinly we could barely taste any of it. The lamb, however, was very delicious, with the crusty grilled outer layer of the lamb giving way to perfectly tender meat inside. From the teppanyaki section, the Hibiki hanamakimono—sashimi rolled into shapes resembling flowers; honestly, we’ve eaten fresher sashimi. For dessert, we tried the green tea tofu cheesecake. It was not as sweet and indulgent as we would’ve liked our dessert to be. And while generously portioned, silky smooth and rich with matcha, it tasted as if they forgot to add the sugar and cheese. The prices here aren’t as high as those in other Japanese fine dining restaurants, but then again, neither is the quality.