Hibiki opens out to a bay view and the F1 track amid simple décor. However, we were there for the highlight of its menu, sumiyaki (barbequed food over hot charcoal), which offered a decent variety of seafood, red meat, poultry and non-meat items like mushrooms and eggplants. We loved the juicy, well-marinated yakitori, but not […]

Sweet Salty Spicy

The Rail Mall may be a little out of the way, but we were curious enough about this place that calls itself a Thai food market and canteen, to go the distance. The interior did not look anything like a market or canteen, but was a mid-range contemporary restaurant with soft lighting and candles on […]

The White Rabbit | Review

It´s the latest “in” place in the hip Dempsey vicinity, but has received mixed reviews since its opening. We were apprehensive about going, but fortunately The White Rabbit passed the test. In fact, so hot was the restaurant that our attempt to reserve a table was initially unsuccessful, but we were advised to go down […]