The buzz: Around over 12 years and led by Singapore’s most respected sommelier, the eponymous Ignatius Chan, Iggy’s has remained on important world lists, like San Pellegrino Asia’s 50 Best (though it was notably absent from the inaugural Michelin Guide). But with hip new mid-range restaurants opening everyday and fancy fine dining chefs arriving by the dozen every year, a sprucing up was long overdue. And that’s exactly what has happened over at the Hilton. Iggy’s has gotten a thorough renovation and a brand new chef, former Fat Duck chef de partie Aitor Jeronimo Orive, who has jazzed up the menu with exciting Spanish touches and a boldness than stands up to the already excellent, Burgundy-heavy wine list.The vibe: A non descript door among the hotel’s function rooms leads into a hushed and elegant hallway, lined with photos commemorating the restaurant and its founder’s long history, star dishes through the years and other memorabilia. The main dining room faces a rather pretty and decidently non-industrial-looking kitchen, divided by a glass pane. Expect starched tablecloths, carpeted floors and impeccably attentive serviceThe food: Don’t worry, the kitchen still maintains its ties to Japanese produce and seafood sources that return visitors have come to expect. Just prepare for some exciting Spanish touches, too. Among the highlights in the current seasonal snacks section is the ebi two ways: a pisto cornet filly with fresh sakura ebi and topped with caviar, and a very pretty, Southeast Asian-inspired sweet-savory trehalose cracker studded with crunchy sakura ebi. A thrilling showcase of the restaurant’s relationship with the Kyoto vegetable market is the Kyoto Vegetable Garden, where a medley of sesonal vegetables are steamed, pickled, sliced super finely and served with a glorious dashi stock redolent of jamon fat. Meat lovers should get the lamb saddle with cauliflower puree and oyster leaf.The drink: The focus on wine is ever-strong, and Iggy’s 25,000 bottle collection, with a big focus on the wines of Burgundy, are available for perusal to whoever wants a splurge. The staff can also hook you up with some pretty serious vertical tastings dating back to the 90s.