Imperial Herbal Restaurant

Known especially for its medicinal herb-based cooking aimed at creating a balance between yin and yang, the long-standing Imperial Herbal restaurant has added a café (yes it’s spelled “TCafe”)—to attract a younger crowd, no doubt. We’re all for the revamp because this place has much to offer. The menu is adventurous—its more than 20 double-boiled herbal soups extend past the usual to include crocodile and turtle tonics (not for the squeamish). We had the cordyceps seedling tonic soup—a bowl of nourishing, herbal goodness—followed by fried spicy venison, which was so tender and tasty that we had an extra bowl of rice to polish off the dish, gravy and all. They also had interesting and refreshing desserts, such as the refreshing double-boiled stuffed pear. Extra health conscious diners have herbal tonics or low-calorie desserts to keep them happy.

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Imperial Herbal has moved to Riverview Hotel.