JF Kanda Wadatsumi

JF Kanda Wadatsumi is an antenna restaurant business of JF Zengyoren, Japan’s National Federation of Fisheries Co-operative Association – the “JF” in the restaurant name refers to Japan Fisheries , consisting of fishery operator co-operatives across Japan. At the elegant and traditionally decorated restaurant on Tras Street, seasonal fish are naturally the focus. Every month, fish from different regions are highlighted. September sees Kyoto’s bounty on the menu, for example, and diners can expect produce from Yamaguchi, Mie, and Yamagata for the following months. Executive chef Hara Shinji also works closely with the Japanese Agriculture Co-operatives to ensure the restaurant obtains quality meats and vegetables as well. Customers here will feel transported among the walls of exquisite Japanese art and from tableware all imported from Japan.