Khulfi Bar

While khulfi (North Indian spiced ice cream) is infamous for causing people to pile on the pounds, the folks at Khulfi Bar have improvised this sinfully decadent dessert, transforming it into a health‑conscious treat. Be spoilt for choice with over 15 different flavors to satiate your lust for ice‑cream. Some of the exotic highlights include the Bollywood silver kulfi, three dainty scoops of hazelnut kulfi garnished with a coating of pure edible silver, a generous assortment of nuts and a chocolate wafer stick; as well as the chocolate, peach and mango aphrodisiac. The alfresco area looks like a resort themed café with its banana yellow umbrellas atop wooden tables, but the interior has a hippie vibe with myriad Indian crafts glinting on the shelves and walls. It also sells a mash‑up of artistic knick knacks that also serve as part of the decor. With seating arrangements that are mostly for two, this is a space for yippies (read: young indie professionals) and Guru Pitka poseurs. This is  also the one and only khulfi bar in Singapore where you can get your addictive fix of the treat while engaging in New Age activities such as “name vibrations,” apparently a remedy to align you with your cosmic aura.