Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant

One of the most sought-after Cantonese restaurants in Singapore, Li Bai still offers a reliable array of dim sum, meat dishes and soups for hungry foodies after all these years. Its décor and menu remain mostly unchanged—and the quality of the food and service is still top-notch. The menu is not extensive, but this makes it easier for diners to decide what they want. Our meal was delightful—the soup of the day, double boiled chicken soup, was flavorful and filled with generous servings of cabbage, chicken and mushroom, while the double boiled shark’s bone soup was also comforting, if a little rich. We also liked our mains—beancurd stuffed with prawn and scallops, ramen noodles fried with black pepper and seasoned pork ribs served with fried man tou. The pork ribs, in particular, were soft and yummy, with just enough oily bits and we savored every single bite. The beancurd and noodles were nothing to shout about, but nothing to complain about either. Li Bai is always a safe bet for Cantonese dishes and a good place for family dinners. It’s just not truly outstanding.

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