Mamma Lucia Ristorante

Amid all the new Italian places that are mushrooming around town, this old timer is doing well. The star attraction in this casual eatery is really the pizzas, although the pastas, salads and antipasti fare well too. But the pizzas, the pizzas. Home made crust, real Italian ingredients and really yummy sauce. Our salami pizza came with huge slices of salami slightly charred at the edges, and our eggplant, mushroom and peppers pizza was deliciously sweet and felt very healthy! Because the crust is tasty too, we happily chewed on it at the end—like freshly baked bread that is good enough to eat on its own. The excellent pizzas make it worth putting up with the clueless servers, who sounded like they were seeing the menu for the very first time. In terms of ambiance, this restaurant is very low key, with people dropping by for a bite before hitting the bars or going to the theater nearby. Mamma Lucia also has a bar next door and they will serve you pizzas there too, if you ask.