Pagi Sore Indonesian Restaurant

Since its opening, Pagi Sore has continued to deliver quality Balinese, Javanese and Padang cuisine to a packed restaurant floor. This is no-frills and no-fuss, just good food served up piping hot by expert staff with a smile. If you’re bamboozled by the menu items, don’t worry, the staff are happy to describe them to […]

Mamma Lucia Ristorante

Amid all the new Italian places that are mushrooming around town, this old timer is doing well. The star attraction in this casual eatery is really the pizzas, although the pastas, salads and antipasti fare well too. But the pizzas, the pizzas. Home made crust, real Italian ingredients and really yummy sauce. Our salami pizza […]

Fabbrica Italian Restaurant & Winebar

So it seems Dempsey Road, sorry, Tanglin Village, is the new place to see and be seen, and Fabbrica is a truly worthy addition to the mix. We like the interior which makes good use of the warehouse shape—it’s one huge open space with high corrugated ceilings and whitewashed walls. It must also be just […]

Week of May 11, 2007

TAURUS (Apr 20-May 20): The outsourcing of fortune telling is well underway. Psychics and astrologers from India have been showering me with email invitations to take advantage of their services. “By the grace of the towering flames of goodness that burn the roof of our temple,” said one, “we have pledged to slave away our […]

All Smoked Out

“I had decided many years ago to quit smoking and had made up my mind that the only way to do so was by going “cold turkey.” It wasn’t easy, but I had finally dropped the habit and, eventually, stayed off cigarettes for more than three years. That’s three whole years, including my time in […]

Mr. Know-It-All’s Guide to Quitting Smoking

Salutations. Mr. Know-It-All here. And seeing as I am Mr. K-I-A—meaning I know all, by definition—I certainly do know that it’s time to give up smoking soon, as the smoking ban in literally all air-conditioned spaces is going to take effect in July, and will especially affect bars and clubs. Singapore’s propensity to snuff out […]