Launched by the same folks behind popular Korean fried chicken chain Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory, Massizim is the newest Seoul import at the Orchard Road food and bar enclave. The space here has a cozy industrial vibe, with textured grey walls, dark wood tables, sparse concrete flooring and stone dividers encased in wire mesh. 

The bestseller here is their signature stews ($18-$29) that come available in flavors like the beef rib, pork rib and spicy chicken offerings that are marinated and slow-cooked overnight in a special sauce until until fall-off-the-bone tender. They’re doing usual Korean staples like pancakes and cold salads ($14-$19) but for something different check out their rice ballsm ($8), which feature dollops of crispy anchovies, mayonnaise and fried kimchi packed with seaweed crumbs topped over by crushed chilli padi. There’s also the spicy noodles ($11) with ingrdients like chilled buckwheat noodles topped with kimchi and cucumber in a pool of spicy sauce. Lastly. the spicy squid ($14) is stir-fried with onions and carrots in a red pepper paste.