One of the many newish restaurants, cafes and fast food joints that have recently opened at the latest theme park Big Splash, Mingles serves fairly decent Modern European cuisine and a mean selection of ice cream. Although we were initially disappointed that the kitchen ran out of our choice of entrée—the warm spinach salad—it eventually turned out to be a blessing in disguise as we chose to order an extra main—the lobster linguine with Pomodoro sauce ($22.90), which was yummy. The texture of the linguine was just right, and the whole lobster was fresh and generous. We also liked our pan seared cod served with crab broth ($26.90)—the cod was supremely tender and the broth had a rich seafood fragrance, but not an overpowering after-taste. We wrapped up our meal with the Wickedly Chocolate dessert ($10.90)—again, it was all good as the chocolate ice cream that came with it was rich, dark and thick. We recommend chilling out at the outdoor area over a nice meal when you’re here.