One of the many newish restaurants, cafes and fast food joints that have recently opened at the latest theme park Big Splash, Mingles serves fairly decent Modern European cuisine and a mean selection of ice cream. Although we were initially disappointed that the kitchen ran out of our choice of entrée—the warm spinach salad—it eventually […]


Persimmon is a relatively new venture by the lady owners behind epicurious. It’s less than six months old, but this “Euro-Singaporean” bistro has been garnering good reviews, so we decided to check it out. With black and white mosaic floor tiles, marble table tops and wooden chairs, Persimmon had a nice feel. We settled on […]

Sweet Indulgence

We’ve seen this smart little shophouse café go up, then down. Recently it appeared to be on the upswing again so we decided to check it out. It was only about half full at lunch time—which in the CBD is like the kiss of death—we wondered if it was really starting to do better. Our […]


Keep a lookout for celebrities and beautiful people that flock to this spot for drinks, upping its hip factor. Resident band John Molina and the Krueger keeps you entertained with Top 40 hits and rock.