Pagi Sore Indonesian Restaurant

Since its opening, Pagi Sore has continued to deliver quality Balinese, Javanese and Padang cuisine to a packed restaurant floor. This is no-frills and no-fuss, just good food served up piping hot by expert staff with a smile. If you’re bamboozled by the menu items, don’t worry, the staff are happy to describe them to you. The restaurant is extremely busy during mid-week lunchtimes, so call ahead to reserve a table or expect to wait. With your banana-leaf wrapped rice you can order an array of delicacies such as kailan sos tiram (kailan in oyster sauce) and ayam panggang (spicy barbequed chicken with herbs). Particularly notable are their tahu telor (a delicate and crunchy mix of fried beancurd with egg) and kepak is pasgedel (chicken wings stuffed with mashed potatos). Those who like avocado should also try their appukat (blended avocado dessert). Pagi Sore also makes their barley drinks fresh. It’s certainly not upscale, but for an unpretentious quick get in and get out bite, this is a great choice. Also at #01-01, 1 Yuan Ching Rd., 6266-3200.Pagi Sore is Halal. Check out our favorite Halal restaurants in Singapore.