Pearl River Palace

Tucked away in Suntec is this Chinese restaurant with tasteful but elegant décor and a lively atmosphere of families and friends tucking in with gusto. And with good reason: Most of the food here is pretty decent. For instance, our spinach soup with bamboo pith and mashed winter melon broth with mushroom and fresh asparagus turned out to be thick and hearty and went down well with “The Washing Line”, an appetizer of sliced pork with minced garlic and sweet sauce. This dish appeared true to its name, as generous amounts of sauce dripped from sliced meat hung on a metal rod attached to two pagodas carved in carrot. The taste of garlic was strong, but not quite enough to mask the very meaty tang. Our stir-fried kailan was fresh, but just so so. We were also very pleased with the fried rice with dried scallop, egg white and pine nuts, which came out piping hot with a pleasant fragrance. The attentive and helpful service we experienced throughout our meal was most apparent when our bowls of fried rice were always refilled before they went empty. Similarly, when we ordered the warm (and tasty) durian pastry, we were politely informed of a 15-minute wait. Come here for nice ambiance and friendly service.