Week of October 6, 2006

LIBRA (Sep 23-Oct 22): U.S. Patent number 5,996,568 is an apparatus for safely shooting hot dogs into a crowd. Patent 4,834,212 is a device into which someone can scream and howl without bothering anyone nearby, allowing her to vent pent-up emotions. Patent 2,272,154 is a ladder that spiders can use to climb out of a […]

Pearl River Palace

Tucked away in Suntec is this Chinese restaurant with tasteful but elegant décor and a lively atmosphere of families and friends tucking in with gusto. And with good reason: Most of the food here is pretty decent. For instance, our spinach soup with bamboo pith and mashed winter melon broth with mushroom and fresh asparagus […]

The Asian Kitchen—La Mian Xiao Long Bao

This auspiciously colored eatery is part of hive@RP, the food court at Republic Plaza. One really cannot miss The Asian Kitchen—it is centrally located right near the escalators, it’s bright red and at mid-week lunchtimes, it’s always teeming with hungry office workers who pack the noisy tables or queue patiently for a seat. Curiosity peaked, […]

Readers’ Choice 06

We present our very own award to the winners of the I-S Readers’ Choice competition.

Tech Talk, October 6, 2006

Looking CoolThe latest digital camera from Nikon—the Coolpix S7c—is out now. Sporting 7.1 effective megapixels of imaging performance and a 35-105mm Zoom-Nikkor ED lens, this gorgeous camera is capable of capturing wide-open landscapes and tight confined spaces with the greatest of ease. The camera also offers a host of anti-shake features, ensuring that your shots […]


With Internet video all the rage, people are posting oddities and hilarity on Internet video sites. We uncover some of the weirdest videos around.

Dining Don’ts

As a multi-cultural nation we pride ourselves on knowing our different cuisines—we might be eating roti for breakfast, sushi for lunch and foie gras for dinner. But how much do we really know about how we should eat the food we’re putting in our mouths? We consulted four experts on some dining etiquette dos and don’ts.

Carnival Ibiza ’06

Dress up in to-die-for exotic clubbing gear and have a smashing time at the closing party of Carnival Ibiza ’06.

SUITMAN’s Yong Kim

Inspired by his own multi-cultural background and bind between two cultures, Korean born American artist Young Kim has created SUITMAN, a plastic figure defining the nature of the globetrotter.