Pince and Pints

The buzz: A no-reservations, lobster-only version of London’s Burger & Lobster is creating waves on Duxton Road with a limited menu and nightly two-hour waits out the door for this lovely crustacean.

The vibe: Buzzing. Simply done up with a mixture of wooden chairs and booth seats, red accents and exposed brick walls, it’s clear the decor is secondary to the food. The two-shophouse space is packed to the brim and animated with an aptly upbeat electro-pop/indie dance playlist.

The food: There are exactly three options: whole lobster (grilled or steamed), a lobster roll and lobster slathered in a chilli crab-like sauce (all $48). They’re sourced from New England and Canada, weigh 600 grams on average and are fresh, sweet and succulent. The first two dishes come with sides of fries, a butter or garlic aioli sauce and tossed garden salad with shaved cheese;  the chilli crab sauce comes with fried mantou.

The drinks: The wine list is pretty progressive and affordable and features smaller wineries with big-name grapes from a 2006 blend of Mourvèdre, Shiraz and Viognier from South Africa ($7/flight, $14/glass, $58/carafe). Among cocktails, we like Fat & Old Fashioned ($14), which is made with bacon bitters. Suds-wise, they’ve got pilsners from Hitachino and pale ales from Saison Dupont starting at $10.

Why you’ll be back: It’s simple and hipster-luxe at the same time, and the lobsters are nicely complemented by the booze list. Is it worth the snaking queues? Jury’s out.