The I-S Guide to July

We round up 12 of the most exciting events in July (it was definitely hard work whittling them down!). Mark your calendars please. 

Pince and Pints

The buzz: A no-reservations, lobster-only version of London’s Burger & Lobster is creating waves on Duxton Road with a limited menu and nightly two-hour waits out the door for this lovely crustacean. The vibe: Buzzing. Simply done up with a mixture of wooden chairs and booth seats, red accents and exposed brick walls, it’s clear […]

Hoopla Coffee & Kitchen

This quirky cafe in the Portsdown enclave features a mish-mash of baked goods, cakes, tarts, classic meals and, of course, coffee. Dishes like Dory’s Folly, a spaghetti in Neapolitana sauce with breaded dory fillet, and Kitchen Cai Tow Kwai, a version of the English carrot cake, are paired with coffee from Toby’s Estate. 

Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival

Chinatown’s Mid-Autumn festivities kick off on Aug 23 with a Festive Street Bazaar before the Street Light Up and Nightly Stage Shows kick-off the next day. The Mass Lantern Walk (Sep 6) is one of the highlights of the celebration.

Diplomatic scandal exposed: How to make Singaporeans adore your national holidays

This year’s Fourth of July celebrations were overshadowed by a diplomatic scandal involving leaked documents. Hackers have released into the public domain a series of cables entitled “How to Make Singaporeans Adore Your National Holidays”. Addressed to the Philippines, whose independence day parade plans last month were fraught with criticism, the correspondence appears to be […]

David Lim on the problem with Singaporean leaders and being a disabled mountaineer

In 1998, David Lim led the first Singaporean expedition to Mount Everest, but didn’t summit due to an injury. Weeks later, he developed a rare nerve disorder that left him paralyzed. But in the years since then, he has battled back to regain much of his mobility, done over 30 climbs and become a highly-paid motivational speaker working in 27 countries.