Saint Pierre

What can we say; from start to finish our dining experience here was as near perfect as one could be. This restaurant is superb: The cutlery is beautiful, the tables and chairs elegant yet comfortable. The sommelier recommends great wine; the staff actually know what they are talking about and can describe things like ingredients and cooking methods so you better appreciate your food. The bread is excellent. You hardly ever have to call for a server—they come when they’re supposed to come. And, the food…oh, the food was exquisite. Our starter of Japanese mushroom salad with foie gras was divine—Saint Pierre is known for this delicacy. The tiger prawns were excellent, while the main course of trout melted in our mouths. Our other main, aged Angus beef striploin is a signature item on the menu. With black truffle oil and bearnaise-filled croquettes, this dish is amazing. We also recommend the cheese platter filled with deliciously pungent cheeses with unpronounceable names and explosive flavors. Saint Pierre will set your credit card back by quite a bit, but you are definitely paying for top quality. It’s rare that we give a restaurant five stars but this one deserves it.