Week of August 18, 2006

LEO (Jul 23-Aug 22): “Raising kids is like making pancakes,” muses Brian Copeland in his show Not a Genuine Black Man. “You always mess up the first one.” A similar idea might apply to a certain multi-pronged project you’ve been working on, Leo. I’m not saying you should abandon or throw away your initial effort. […]

Saint Pierre

What can we say; from start to finish our dining experience here was as near perfect as one could be. This restaurant is superb: The cutlery is beautiful, the tables and chairs elegant yet comfortable. The sommelier recommends great wine; the staff actually know what they are talking about and can describe things like ingredients […]

Music Fiesta

Music festival WOMAD is back for the ninth year, with acts to please discerning fans.

Eclectic Attic

Whoever said Autumn/Winter fashion is boring? We bring you some quirky and colorful finds this season.

Second Serving

What does a restaurant do when it becomes successful? Open a second outlet. I-S looks at the number twos that have made it.

Local stage actress-director, Beatrice Chia-Richmond

Beatrice Chia-Richmond needs no introduction. This lanky and talented stage actress-director has graced many local magazines, and is one of the most recognizable faces in local theater. Here, she talks to us about some of her favorite things—among them, Prada, massages, kindness and traveling to Kenya.