Sapporo Ramen Miharu

Sometimes the best places to eat in a city are the modest holes in the walls. Situated round the side of Gallery Hotel, this well known, small ramen restaurant does only one thing, but does it really well. Seven ramen dishes practically comprise the entire menu. The interior is a cramped air-conditioned space, while the covered alfresco area has more spacious seating and boasts a mini landscaped garden at one end. We tried three dishes: Chili miso ramen, special miso ramen and special soy sauce ramen. Each type came with toppings of pork slices, corn kernels, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts and half a hard boiled egg. They differ in the stock—the soy sauce was viscous, more like gravy; the miso was a rich soup; while the chili miso had some kick to it and was our favorite. What really made these dishes stand out was, of course, the ramen. Firm, chewy and tasty even on their own, the noodles were definitely of high quality. This place obviously places a lot of pride in their noodles as they are adamant about not offering takeaways. Don’t expect starters or desserts here, there are none, but there is certainly as much ramen as you can eat.

Your best bet at Sapporo Ramen Miharu: Order the chili miso ramen. Check out our favorite ramen at Singapore’s best ramen-ya.