Sweet Indulgence

We’ve seen this smart little shophouse café go up, then down. Recently it appeared to be on the upswing again so we decided to check it out. It was only about half full at lunch time—which in the CBD is like the kiss of death—we wondered if it was really starting to do better. Our servers were very nice, and the menu looked enticing enough, so there was one thing left to test—the food. And this is where the restaurant falters. Our penne siciliana didn’t have any of the spinach it was supposed to; coming instead with wilted peppers that looked suspiciously like the peppers piled on top of our pan fried cod fish. When we asked about the missing spinach, we got some silly excuse but the servers were nice enough to take some money off the dish. All of this would have been tolerable if the food was brilliant, but it was only mediocre. Our chocolate lava cake for dessert ended the meal on a high note though. Unless this café does something to improve what its kitchen is serving, it will probably continue to struggle to fill tables.