The Tent Mongolian Fresh Grill & Bar

The décor at the new Tent is hanging drapes and lamps, wooden furniture, and sensual music in the background. The food is cooked Mongolian grill style with ingredients skewed to local taste—so instead of saddles of mutton, yak’s milk and butter tea we have kway teow, kailan, and squid.These ingredients are laid out in rows at the back of the restaurant and seating is alfresco with an indoor space also. Staff hand out numbered coins to you when you are seated. Then you take your pick of the ingredients and pass them to a chef who waits in a cooking station. After five to ten minutes, your food is prepared and served to you, and the coin returned. You carry on in this manner until you have had your fill—as much as you can eat. Choose from unpolished brown rice, bee hoon, fish, prawns, tofu, beef, mutton and much, much more. There are over 20 sauces to select from, and you can mix them to concoct your own. Recipes on display recommend yummy combinations. We recommend trying the recipe “The Hunter” for a sweet and slightly sour taste, and the sauce “The Nomad” for a sweet and mildly salty meal. There is an extensive vegetarian sauce selection as well. The biggest plus was that the food was so fresh.