Tomo Izakaya @ Esplanade

Folks working around Marina Bay must have been delighted when Tomo (its second outlet) opened, because the izakaya (tavern) is fab for unwinding after work. There are about 130 dishes—comprising appetizers (zensai), sashimi, yakimono (grilled fish), sushi, yakitori, agemono (fried dishes), nimono (stewed dishes) and more. The tako wasabi (fresh octopus marinated in wasabi sauce) gives a great kick, while the asari misoshiru (miso soup with Manila clams) is light and tasty. Don’t miss the oh-so-tender buta soki netsuke (stewed tender pork soft bone), or the comforting ochazuke (Japanese-style porridge with clear soup) which not only tastes good, but has a high feel-good factor. For yakitori, check out the grilled shiitake cheese mushroom wrapped in pork belly and juicy tsukune (grilled homemade chicken ball with teriyaki sauce). The slurpworthy noodle jelly will round up your tavern trip famously.