Top of the M

We were definitely impressed with the views from the windows of this revolving restaurant when we arrived for dinner. The interior was dark and candlelit, making the lights over the city seem even more spectacular. With all tables located next to the windows, we were guaranteed a great view from any seat in the house. A three-piece band played easy listening music around the restaurant, making the mood romantic and relaxed. We sat down to make our choices, but quickly discovered that the dimly lit romantic ambience was achieved at the expense of actually being able to read the menu: We had to huddle over our one tiny tea candle to see. Even worse, the movement of the restaurant floor, although quite slow, was a little jerky, so we had to make a conscious effort to not let motion sickness set in. We persevered, and finally settled on the Begonia, one of four different set menus ($98). Our courses came out surprisingly quickly, but without making us feel too rushed. The cream of mushroom soup with white truffles was delicious: Creamy, rich and full of flavor. Next to arrive was the seared salmon with roe. We were less impressed with this dish, but the fish was cooked nicely (seared on the outside and a little raw on the inside) and the accompanying sauce was sweet with a light citrus tang. For our main course, one of us had the John Dory with scallops. The creamy sauce for this was also lovely, but the scallops and the fish were a little overcooked and didn’t taste as fresh as they might have been. The rack of lamb fared better, cooked exactly as we’d ordered it and sitting atop an interesting potato pancake. Dessert was a lovely crème brule with dark cherry sherbet which was covered in fruit, crunchy and sweet on the top and smooth and rich in the middle. The service we received was more than adequate but nothing notable, which was fine with us, as we could enjoy our view undisturbed. Although we felt that the revolving mechanism definitely needed a bit of an upgrade, we thought the food here was nice and the whole experience enjoyable.