The Turquoise Room

We were eager to find out what Turquoise Bistro’s (from East Coast Parkway) new sister restaurant was like, and we were impressed with its appearance. Very white stark walls with shabby chic furnishings make for a trendy and modern appearance, and what seems like a great place to hang out with a group of mates. Hungrily we got stuck into some starters. The breads and dip ($8) were satisfactory but not extraordinary. The bruschetta ($7) and deep fried calamari ($9) fared better and were good to fill a hungry stomach, but not the best we’d eaten. Unfortunately, this trend continued for the rest of the meal. The pastas were a very mixed bag. The mushroom ravioli with bacon ($17) was not quite cooked well enough and the sauce was too rich and heavy, while the chicken and semi-dried tomato penne ($16) was under cooked. We were also disappointed with the pork tenderloin ($18) which, despite being pink in the middle, was too dry. The only really successful dish was the prawn and arugula pasta ($18), which was flavorsome and delicious. Overall, we left let down but not too discouraged. Based on Turquoise Bistro’s long standing success, next time we’d probably stick to the pizzas to see if they fare better. If they turn out to be equally disappointing, then there probably won’t be a third time lucky.