Wasabi Bistro

As far as hotel Japanese restaurants go, this one is pretty utilitarian. The overall look is office cafeteria with a few odds and ends thrown in, such as an Oriental screen and something that resembles a shower curtain in the middle of the dining area. To look at something more interesting, choose a window seat for a view of Marina Bay. Fortunately the food here is really very good. Signature dishes that have an interesting take on well known Japanese items, like our California roll with eel on top. To sample a variety of dishes we also ordered two sets—sashimi and “deluxe” bento—each of which came with a main, miso soup and small side plates. The bento’s main was a melt-in-your-mouth grilled fish and crunchy simmered vegetables, and the beautiful lacquer box they were served was a work of art. As is typical in a good Japanese restaurant, the service is effusive and while we appreciated the efficiency, after the twelfth refill of tea we wished they would slow down. But these are minor quibbles. We’d come back—for a business meal—and if they improve the setting—a cozier meal with friends.