Whitebait & Kale

What used to be one of the trendier restaurants in town, Whitebait & Kale has since slipped off the cool radar just a little bit, overtaken by the likes of P.S. Café and Graze. But this cozy restaurant is still commendable for its fresh seafood and healthy choice of mains and pastas. Our appetizer of crispy whitebait with homemade tartar sauce was light and addictive—a great way to start off before the main courses, which were fairly big. Our baked snapper pie was chockfull of fish meat and mushroom, bursting with aroma—thanks to its tasty cream sauce—and good enough for two. The cappellini with jumbo lump crabmeat and grilled peppers in extra-virgin olive oil was also a treat and nicely done—one of the better ones we’ve had. Our dessert of pavlova with fresh cream, berries and passionfruit sorbet  was a tad disappointing though, as the serving of fresh cream was rather ungenerous. That said, we recommend a quiet evening chilling out here at its alfresco area (if it’s not too humid) over a fairly decent meal, or choose to dine inside and be seen by the many professional types who frequent this establishment. Either way, you can’t really go wrong.