Singapore Sparks Interview: Spencer Yang, co-founder of ArtKred

How did ArtKred come about?It all began when I received a simple gift from a friend who went to Belgium. It made me want to know more about the art-buying industry and I ended up discussing the ArtKred idea with friends and family. The more I talked to artists, the more I liked the idea, and after lots of research and planning, I launched ArtKred in September 2011.What’s up with the local arts scene?It has a lot to offer. The artists within this space are rapidly emerging with fresh ideas, great stories and the potential to be world class. But as always, we need to do more to groom them and showcase their work.How do you scout for talent to feature on ArtKred?We browse sources we’ve found ourselves online or through referrals. We also put ourselves out there so that emerging artists can reach out directly to us.With platforms like the Affordable Art Fair and Vue Privée flourishing in Singapore, how do you differentiate yourselves? Our core strategy differs from others—we employ emerging tech trends to our advantage when showcasing and marketing the works of our artists. This way, we make them as accessible as possible to art lovers around the world.What’s your motivation?ArtKred started as a simple idea but has quickly turned into a passion with potential rewards. The monetary aspect is secondary to us—our main aim is to create value for artists and art lovers—but we understand it’s necessary to sustain the team.What does it take to launch your own startup?A good team and a healthy market are really important. Without them, the startup will not be able to build a decent product, much less sustain itself.