Quench your thirst while fulfilling your fruit intake

The weather, right? Between the hot sticky rains and general hot stickiness, people (and morale) everywhere are dropping like flies. Water to rehydrate just won’t cut it anymore, and neither will regular ice-cold beer. To combat this, local brewers seem to be turning unanimously to a new ingredient in their beer-making: fruits. It seems like a simple enough rationale—Fight tropical weather with tropical ingredients, and let the thirst-quenching abilities of fruit speak for themselves. Here are three new launches from tried-and-trusted Singaporean craft brewers you don’t want to miss.

Ice and Fire

Something tells us the mastermind brewers behind this are Game of Thrones fans. A collaboration between That Singapore Beer Project and Daryl’s Urban Ales, Ice and Fire is described as a West-Coast style IPA left to stew with Kveik yeast—an appropriately chosen ancient Norwegian yeast that’s centuries-old. To this they’ve added lime zest, caramelised pineapples and oranges for a Session IPA that’s both malty and bitter. Find it at The World Is Flat by Tanuki Raw at Jewel Changi this week, or keep your eyes peeled for when it hits taps at your favourite craft beer haunts (ie. Freehouse, Good Luck Beerhouse etc.) later on.

Lemongrass Pale Ale

Archipelago Brewery and online grocery retailer RedMart have teamed up to launch a first-ever collaboration beer: the Code Red Lemongrass Pale Ale. The refreshing pale ale with 4.5% ABV is infused with lemongrass and jasmine—two easily identifiable Southeast Asian flavour staples—and finished with a crisp aftertaste. There's no fruit in here per se, but the resultant beer is no less zesty. Get it in a four-pack ($20.80) exclusively on RedMart; only 300 cases of 24 bottles were produced, so it’s fastest fingers first.


Photo credit: Brewerkz Facebook

For something a little less orthodox, try the new Razzmitaz raspberry sour from Brewerkz, launching as part of their debuting canned line of craft beers. The bad boy (done in the style of a German Berliner Weisse, or cloudy sour ale) packs 5.5% ABV in its light pink liquid, with enough tartness to leave you puckering like you’ve just demolished an entire pack of mama-shop Sour Power. A can costs $5.80, and is available now at RedMart, NTUC and Cold Storage.