The buzz: This fitness center has over 280(!) classes a week, covering a wide range of workouts from MMA to kickboxing to yoga. Unlike many other all-in-one gyms, though, the yoga classes here aren’t just an afterthought—the founders are from Space & Light Yoga and clearly know their stuff.

What it offers: Only non-heated yoga classes are available, mostly hour-long sessions covering the basics as well as more advanced classes for strength training, and the super-gentle Yoga Stretch geared at those who need extra guidance.Our favorite though is RIOT, a 45-minute regime that packs a series of cardio, calisthenics and weight-training exercises into a single session. It harnesses your own body weight, plus equipment such as kettle bells and TRX for a more structured workout.

“RIOT is a great way to work out and keep motivated with your friends,” says Dr. Lynn Yeo, owner and Director of new gym R-Evolution. “It’s short, intense, effective and fun.” We can’t really argue with that, though a more honest appraisal would have been “it’ll leave you lying on your back gasping like dying fish.”

We were tasked to perform a series of jumping jacks (60 reps), ring push-ups (20 reps), ab extensions (20 reps)… well, you get the idea. And that was just one circuit—we had to complete as many circuits as humanly possible within 30 minutes. Great for getting ripped in no time.

How much: A one-week trial pass costs $45. For membership, call in to ask for a quote.

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