UK electronic outfit Freestylers will be headlining

A secret party? In Singapore? We have an underground scene? Yes, Singapore’s not that boring after all, guys. Local party organizers Under The Bridge (UTB), who’ve been champions at throwing some of the sickest parties you've never heard of in and around (and under bridges, obviously) Singapore for the past few years, are organizing a special edition of their much lauded parties by bringing in an international act for the first time, UK electronic outfit Freestylers, this coming weekend (Feb 24).

We’ve all become well acquainted with block parties, seeing how they’ve easily weaved themselves into Singapore’s nightlife (and daytime party) scene over the past year. And increasingly, with steady planning from the likes of local party maverick Zig Zach—who tirelessly tries to bring an alternative partying experience to “SingaBore”—and the guys behind Headquarters, The Council, warehouse parties are occurring more than just once a year. Kudos to them, for Singapore’s nightlife would otherwise be stale and predictable. And then there are the community-led parties, like the ones UTB throws.

UTB's Sounds of the Underground Micro Festival, 2016. Photo credit: AWsome Media

Often unheard of, these parties had a super humble beginning. The very first “party”—which really was a gathering of friends, and friends of friends—took place back in 2014 on Henderson Wave Bridge. Anna Goulding (or better known as her DJ moniker, AnnaMatronic), one of the organizers, said that it was well received, and that people kept asking when the next one was gonna happen. And the rest was history.

UTB's Sounds of the Underground Micro Festival, 2016. Photo credit: AWsome Media

These parties were small scale—“BBQ size”, Goulding said—and held at public places before the new drinking law came into effect. When that happend, they moved their festival-style parties, which were born out of “frustration of not having any large festival-style parties in Singapore”, to different venues.

They were strictly by word-of-mouth and totally secret—or as Goulding puts it, “old skool underground style”. They usually took place at spots where it wouldn’t bring trouble to anyone. When asked about the name “Under The Bridge”, Anna said that they usually took place “under, near, or on top of bridges in Singapore”. The goal? Celebrating radical inclusion and to “boost diversity in the music scene”.

UTB Episode #5.5. Photo credit: Taken from Under The Bridge Parties SG's Facebook Page

Since their inception in 2014, they’ve thrown pool parties, jungle parties, open-air festival style parties with multiple stages, pirate parties and even one on a 1920s paddle steamer complete with a UTB pirate flag flying high. They’ve also thrown parties where the profits go to worthy causes and charities, like providing aid for relief efforts during the Nepal Earth Quake and Bali Mount Agung eruption, and made donations to the Make-a-Wish Foundation. She employs the help of willing like-minded individuals—all of whom are professionals with an income—to create these experiences; DJs, artists, set up and take down crew, performers… you name it.

As for the upcoming one with Freestylers at the helm, it’s the first time they’ll be charging, simply because they’re actually paying to hire a venue and to bring over a huge name from the UK. However, keeping in line with the culture of their parties, they’re also offering free tickets and drink in exchange for help at the party.

Freestylers are made up of producers Matt Cantor and Aston Harvey, who have five records and numerous mix compilations under their belt. They've been heavily involved in UK's dance music scene since the early '90s.

So if you're up for a good party, get your tickets here for $40 and check out the two rooms with music from a lineup of both local and international selectas playing D&B, breakbeats, jungle and even psytrance throughout the night. The venue will be disclosed on the day itself on their Facebook event page. Oh, and don’t be a party pooper—remember to dress up according to theme (“sci-fi fancy dress” is pretty much fairgame for all things out-of-this-world) and stand to win free drinks for the night.