The 12 most gruesome Halloween parties to attend this October

It’s that time of the year again, where the knock-off Harley Quinns and renditions of Marvel characters plough the streets in search of parties and booze. The real horror of the season is, however, the frighteningly long queues at the USS Halloween Horror Nights; so we’ve compiled a list of fun yet gnarly parties for you and your crew to attend.

Bang Bang Halloween Special: Dollhouse

Step into the malevolent dollhouse that is Bang Bang, where you will be greeted by an enclave of pop culture’s favourite cursed dolls, including appearances by characters from Annabelle and Chucky. Dress for the occasion and stand a chance to win attractive prizes. Oct 26


Bar Rouge Grossery Store

Bar Rogue stocks only the freshest, most organic cuts of raw meats at the Rogue Grossery Store curated by the resident Rouge Ripper, but don’t take our word for it. Be sure to drop by for a bloody good time; just try not to wind up on a hook at the end of the night. Oct 25-26


Carnival of Screams

Step right up to Kinki’s rooftop bar, where the Halloween festivities await under a red-and-white circus tent. Indulge in some sinful eats and drinks, groove to music by Eatmepoptart’s DJ weelikeme, as well as Kidg and Hedger, but only if you can make it out of the lift that takes you all the way up. Oct 26


Dirty Circus Feat. Cirque Le Soir 

Uncover the terrifyingly masked faces of London’s very own Cirque Le Soir; where body contortionists, firebreathers and exotic dancers will take your breath away for a Saturday evening full of theatrical oddities. Oct 26


Evil Carnevil Chapter II

Something evil’s lurking in the sewers, and it has made its way up to the heights of 1-Altitude. Scare acts and carnival games will be taken to an all-new high at the world’s highest alfresco bar, set against a sickening soundtrack by Lindo Martinez, One Avenue, DJ Leonard T and Jack Tan. Oct 26



Pinball Wizard bumps it back old school with Fangtastic; set in the bloodthirsty grounds of Transylvania. Inspired by the iconic Dracula pinball machine, the retro arcade bar will be overcome by the classic gothic character. Oct 26


Fright Safari

Leave your raving fits behind and put on your hazmat suits for this one—after an unknown radiation leak on the grounds of Fright Safari back in the 1960s, sightings of sinister creatures have been reported at the decaying Zouk. Are we surprised that Zouk, in all of its frenzied glory, might have had traces of radioactive substances all along? Perhaps not. In any case, won’t you take the risk for a dance on the thumping dancefloor? No guarantees on making it out alive. Oct 25



Halloween has never looked this fierce. RuPaul’s Drag Queens Nina West and Thorgy Thor are out to slay at Singapore’s first-ever Halloween-themed drag show, serving extravagant looks, costume and prosthetics. It’s gonna get real spooky, boo. Oct 29


Island Of The Dolls

Legend has it that the decapitated dolls of Xochimilco are hung throughout the island to ward off evil spirits that haunt the place after a young girl drowned to death; and this Halloween, Get Juiced pays homage to this age-old lore. From Oct 25-27, forage through a jungle of mangled dolls for roaring beats by Get Juiced resident DJs Tinc, Diamondback, Seph Ryans x San, 808Gong and complimentary housepours. Oct 25-27


Neon Jungle

The party continues at Ce La Vi on the night of Halloween. Gear up for the most luminous party you’ve ever seen at Ce La Vi’s Neon Jungle with DJ Shai & Titus who will be helming the vivid decks all night. Oct 31


Pirates Halloween Party

Come dressed as a pirate to join Captain Tabula and his merry men for a night of lively tunes at none other than Cuscaden Road’s Hard Rock Cafe. Each ticket includes a complimentary shot, so locate your best eyepatch and you might just win yourself some booty. Oct 31


This Is Heartbreak (Halloween edition)

Sometimes the scariest things in life are not the measly ghouls, but our own feelings. Cherry Discotheque comes together with This Is Heartbreak to throw the most angst-ridden party you’ll come across this Halloween, featuring emo anthems by My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Avril Lavigne and more. Blood and guts have got nothing on the terror of heartbreak. Oct 25