Go beyond being a regular spectator with hands-on activities

Travelling safely and freely around the world is now less of a distant dream thanks to Asia’s leading immersive theatre company, Andsoforth. Back with a new concept that’s set to get you globe-trotting, brace yourself for a whimsical adventure with its Around The World In Eighty Days book analysis workshop.

Yes, it’s based on the beloved 1872 French adventure novel by Jules Verne, but no, it’s not about to be a lengthy lecture despite its name. Instead, be treated to a multi-sensory experience which travels to key locations as spotlighted in the book, such as London, Japan and New York.

Firstly, to truly understand the main protagonist Philieas Fogg’s journey around the world as he attempts to win a bet, enjoy a five-course feast featuring dishes from different cuisines including a hearty French stew to accompany your sail along the Suez Canal.

Then, flit between immersive and well-designed rooms to participate in an entire slew of hands-on activities that will have you go beyond being a regular spectator. With eight themed rooms that represent a place or plot in the story, trace and navigate these locales that will be made easier with the help of a detailed map.

One of the most unique set designs that have captured attention online is the steam train replica.

Furthermore, rest assured that you will be guided along by facilitators who are characters in the book too; so interact with them freely, as if you were in the book yourself.

There are plenty more highlights to be discovered when you head down to this one-of-a-kind experience, so quickly book a slot here before they are all snapped up. After all, everyone’s in need of a good vacation, and this is the closest we may get to one before information about the Hong Kong-Singapore travel bubble gets revealed.

Andsoforth’s Around The World In Eighty Days book analysis workshop can be booked here. The secret location will be revealed over text.