On point with the year-end festive feels

After toying with twisted fairytales and other psychedelic adventures, Singapore’s ever-giving, immersive interactive theatrical dining experience is back for another spiralling tale. This time, it’s one inspired by the frigid, hairy world of Norse mythology.

Andsoforth returns with Valhalla and the Chambers of Asgard, presented in a multi-room format, and happening in time with the year-end festivities from Nov 21-Dec 29. You’ll take on the role of a viking or shield-maiden, then traverse seven different rooms in an attempt to ascend into Valhalla, the paradise and heaven-equivalent in Norse mythology.

You’ll encounter different Norse gods along the way—the likes of Odin, Freya, Loki and Thor—and be tasked to do things like sing a viking folk song or grind up ancient herbs to create a lethal potion in a bid to complete the “Trial of the Gods”.

There’ll be food and drink aplenty of course. Your journey begins at the rainbow-hued Bifrost Bar, where a Highland Park whisky cocktail awaits you if you go in November. Then, feast on a five-course Scandinavian-inspired dinner as you complete the trials, with dishes like goat stew with Nordic Volcano Bread sure to bring out the viking in you.

Valhalla and the Chambers of Asgard happens Nov 21-Dec 29 (Thu-Sat only) at a secret location to be revealed via SMS 24 hours before the show. Tickets $108-128.