Get ready for an immersive and multi-sensory experience

History can be boring if you only stick to textbooks. Now imagine trying to learn 700 years of the Singapore story without stifling a yawn.

Actually you can, with the new Time Capsule attraction at the Singapore Flyer. Spanning across two levels, the Time Capsule offers visitors an interesting and immersive experience on Singapore’s history.


Upon entry, be greeted by R65, a time-travelling robot who is tasked with the mission of watching over Singapore and its memories. Through the mascot’s memory orbs, catch a glimpse of Singapore’s history and milestones.

Next, embark on your own time travelling adventure starting from the day Sang Nila Utama spotted the legendary lion. Learn about the events, such as the signing of the 1819 treaty and Jackson Town Plan.

Then witness the changing Singapore skyline through a sweeping panorama of historical and contemporary footages from the nation's pre-independence years, its early days of nation-building, to modern-day Singapore. End your journey by hopping on board the Singapore Flyer to admire the city skyline.

Due to safe distancing measures, visitors are strongly encouraged to secure tickets online and pre-select their preferred date prior to making a trip down. Onsite tickets will be available for purchase from Dec 24 onwards.

More details available here.