Paint with pendulums or engage in a colourful splash battle

If you think painting might be your new hobby, try your hand at art jamming to find out what it takes to draw, paint and create gorgeous masterpieces. Below are the best studios in Singapore to unleash your creativity.



One of the OG art jamming studios in Singapore, Arteastiq offers an easy, accessible and affordable lifestyle experience for locals looking to try their hand at painting. Simply freestyle paint during various daily sessions and receive a canvas, unlimited acrylic paint, paint brushes, a palette and even a complimentary beverage from Arteastiq Boutique Tea House when you do so. Once you’re done, the crew will stow your masterpiece safely in a neat, takeaway canvas box—open it and put your work of art on display when you’re home.



Unleash your inner Picasso at Artefakts, a contemporary artists’ studio and craft workshop in Singapore. Welcoming everyone from budding artists to seasoned creatives, all can pursue their artistic passion at Artefakts when they take up classes like art jamming and printmaking.

At the Artefakts Art Jamming Session, express your creativity and paint away—but fret not, beginners can still ask for advice and help from around the studio. Your canvas size of choice will determine the class price; choose between a 30cm by 30cm canvas ($40) or a 40cm by 50cm canvas at $50. It’s two and a half hours per session and each additional hour will set you back another $10-$15. Materials are all provided too.

Cafe de Paris


A popular choice among couples already shopping and dining in town, Cafe de Paris is pretty perfect for that leisurely afternoon paint sesh. Enjoy a three-hour free and easy art jamming affair at the Korean-inspired cafe for just $28 nett; materials provided include reference pictures, blank canvas, acrylic paint, brushes, stationery, palette knife, sponges and aprons. Do note that no guidance will be offered here and no sharing canvas is allowed. More information available here.

GV Art Jam Creative Artist Studio

For a fun and therapeutic painting experience among family and friends, try the Creative Artists’ Studio by Art Jam GV VivoCity. Here, a $30 session entitles you to a free drink as well as access to a whole suite of equipment for onsite (painting) use.

This is the cinema chain’s third art jamming instalment; more information can be found here.

Motion Art Space


As its name suggests, Motion Art Space is all about movement—its primary experience combines art with physics to introduce beautiful abstract art to locals. So partake in pendulum and spin painting which results in unique, Instagrammable masterpieces; packages here start from $69 for an hour of fun (inclusive of equipment, canvas and paint).

Splat Paint House


At Splat Paint House, the rules do not apply. So gear up in waterproof, hazmat-like suits for an epic, colourful paint battle and discover art in a whole new light. Just hang your painting on the studio walls or tables before using the painting equipment to express yourself on the canvas. Completed paintings do take up to 48 hours to dry, so set an appointment to pick up your masterpiece at a later date.