Hot spots for prawning, crabbing or fishing in Singapore

Fishing, crabbing and prawning—food sourcing techniques that have evolved into popular pastimes and hobbies here over the years. Since not all bodies of water in Singapore are permitted for such activities, visit the following approved locales to cast your reel while bonding with your loved ones.


Changi Kelong Walk

Many anglers arrive at Changi Kelong Walk with long rods to cast their rigs out into deeper waters, but during a good tide, catching crabs with traps here is a solid option too. Do take note of scrap materials in the area which may damage your equipment, and head over as early as possible to secure a good spot.

Sembawang Jetty

, Hot spots for prawning, crabbing or fishing in Singapore

Those looking to get their fair share of flower crabs and mudcrabs should pay a visit to Sembawang Jetty, a popular local jetty for crabbing and fishing. Simply set up your bento or cage traps filled with fish guts or carcasses, then drop it into the waters and wait. And while you do so, feel free to enjoy some peace and quiet with a stroll along the tranquil Sembawang Beach.


D’Best Fishing

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D’Best Fishing may be a hotspot among experienced anglers, but novices are very much welcome too. For a bountiful haul, take your rods down to Pasir Ris Town Park and enjoy fishing by the only seawater fishing pond in Singapore. For now, just remember to maintain social distancing and wear a mask when visiting the main pond area. It’ll also be best to reserve a spot with a phone call to their 24-hour minimart as slots are limited.

Punggol Point Jetty

Approximately a 10min walk from the nearest LRT, Punggol Point Jetty is an ideal location for outdoor fishing with friends. Cast your spinning reel anywhere along the walkway, and wait for your bait to be picked up. Catches like grouper, rabbitfish and even barramundi await.

Woodlands Waterfront Park

woodlands waterfront park jetty for fishing

Woodlands Waterfront Park is a picturesque fishing spot nestled along the coast of Singapore. This serene park offers visitors the perfect opportunity to unwind while engaging in recreational fishing amidst a lush green landscape. With its tranquil ambiance and stunning sea views, this park has become a popular destination for anglers of all skill levels, looking for a peaceful and scenic place to cast their lines.


ATC Fishing Village (Jurong Hill)

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To efficiently catch fresh prawns perfect for the grill, ATC Fishing Village is your best bet. In addition to being open 24 hours daily, ATC also offers a reasonable prawning rate of $20/hour or $36 for three. Just grab a rod and begin; but remember to pack your catches to-go as the barbecue pits are temporarily closed.

Riviera Prawn Fishing

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Another 24/7 prawning pond, Riviera Prawn Fishing at Punggol Golf Club is a humble, kampung-style locale that can accommodate small groups of friends looking to try their hand at the hobby. Feeling peckish while you wait for your catch? Refreshments can also be purchased from an on-site store, among other fishing necessities.


largest prawning facility

ORTO is a one-stop destination for prawning, freshwater sport fishing, and many other sporting facilities. On top of that, they provide longkang fishing, a popular and fun activity for families and children. The knowledgeable staff at ORTO Fishing Shop are always ready to provide expert advice and assistance, ensuring customers make the best choices for their fishing needs.