Death metal bands come alive for another Morbid Metal Festival this September

Metal music—either you love it, or hate it with such intense passion that it drives you to start a petition preventing metal bands from playing on our shores. If you fall under the former category, we come bearing good news. 

Back for its fifth procession, Morbid Metal Festival 2019 delights metalheads with a (seemingly literal) killer line-up of local and international metal bands of various subgenres, including black, melodic and thrash. Among the setlist are bestial black/death metal group Blood Chalice from Finland, female-fronted Mexican Imperator Infernum, Taiwan’s Desecration and groove metal Secret Agenda from Malaysia, along with Singaporean bands The Wandering Ascetic and Beast Petrify to wage war against the system.

These aren’t your regular, run-of-the-mill Neon Lights/Ultra types of music festivals. Morbid Metal is just as its title forewarns; gritty, macabre and a gathering of the rawest, most brutal underground bands for the metalheads who live (and die) by death growls and ferocious mosh pits. Not recommended for the faint-of-heart.

Morbid Metal Festival 2019 takes place Sep 28 at The Red Lantern Singapore. Tickets start at $65, more information here.