Eat, drink and play with your boba

From authentic Taiwanese imports to creative homegrown brands (and even artisanal alcoholic ones), bubble tea concepts continue their islandwide domination, opening at every possible nook and cranny in Singapore. Now, the mother of all things dedicated to boba has come.

Opening this Oct 19-Dec 18 is The Bubble Tea Factory, a massive two-month experiential pop-up at *Scape where you can not only eat and drink bubble tea, but play with them too. Over ten interactive installations will occupy a 7000 sq ft space, with entry via time-slot tickets.

Awaiting you are things like the Pearl Pit, a ball pit which you can dive into that’s filled with “taro pearls”. Get to swing on a giant pearl wrecking ball too, or snap away while being attached to a bubble tea IV drip. There’s also the Blue Coral Utapioca, a fantasy land where you can lounge under larger-than-life boba trees.

Besides the installations, each ticket also entitles you to a Boba Booster Pack filled with collectible cards. These lead you on challenges, such as taking a selfie with a stranger, though the mechanics of which isn’t revealed yet. Each ticket also comes with a cuppa boba and even bubble tea-inspired treats, thus completing your ultimate BBT experience.

The Bubble Tea Factory takes place Oct 19-Dec 18, 4pm-10pm weekdays, 10am-10pm weekends at *Scape. Tickets $24-28, inclusive of a bubble tea, treats and Boba Booster Pack.