No fairy tales here

Life is no fairy tale, and contemporary plays these days are eager to portray the realism of life, love and everything in-between.

So if you enjoy realistic shows that don’t sugar-coat the truth, then check out The Concubine this month.


Premiering at the Drama Centre Black Box on Jul 14, The Concubine is a semi-autobiographical monodrama featuring young thespian Isaiah Christopher Lee. Directed by Adeeb Fazah (The Second Breakfast Company), the play explores the account of a young man who navigates love while unearthing trauma and baggage from his upbringing and family life.

These stories are intertwined with tales of various concubines from literary traditions, offering a clash of cultures against the backdrop of different time periods and geographical locations.

In the end, the man must play the hand he’s dealt and grow amidst life’s challenges.

So at The Concubine, don’t expect rainbows and butterflies. Instead, witness a pragmatic portrayal of modern love that does come with its fair share of pain. But if you ask us, we’re definitely interested in such a realistic look at life.

More information available here.