Go completely nuts, all in the name of art

The beauty of artistic expression is that there are no rules, and new pop-up studio Splat Paint House at co-working space Mox can vouch for that—in all its paint-splattering glory.

Following a concept similar to the Fragment Rooms’ rage-venting rooms, Splat Paint House encourages participants to grab their weapon of choice and just make a mess. Set your inhibitions loose on a piece of canvas for the next hour or so, with a starter pack comprising of a 40x50cm canvas, two syringes, a squirt bottle/water gun and 400ml of liquid ammunition a.k.a. paints.

Not to fret if you have on your Sunday best; the price tag of $39 covers cloth-protecting gear, safety goggles and gloves, though it would probably be best to wear something comfortable. If you’re really feeling it, the walls are fair game as well.

But where’s the fun in tapping into your destructive tendencies alone? Make it a rather unconventional date for $105, complete with a bottle of red or white boutique French wine to mark the occasion, or round up three of your pals for a messy party that’s a little different from what you’re used to. Come back after a 48-hour drying period to take home your work of art for a nice DIY addition to your own walls.

As of now, Splat Paint House exists as a 2-month-long pop-up studio (they're looking at becoming permanent tenants of Mox) right by the foodie scene of I12 Katong, so post-paint-hurling noshes are just down the street.

Splat Paint House is located at Mox until Oct 28. Bookings and more info here.