A gastronomic journey awaits

There’s a brand new restaurant in town, but in order to dine there, you’ve got to have an open mind. And that’s very much due to the fact that the restaurant isn’t so much of your typical eatery, but an immersive dining experience that will knock your socks off.

From the creators of popular theatrical dining affair Andsoforth, Absurdities is located in a secret shophouse to take diners on a gastronomic journey. A place that plays on Andsoforth’s original multi-room concept, the spot hopes to satiate locals’ love for food and also, something new.


Turning Absurdities into a reality is an A-team, led by Head Chef Jason Ang who produces a line-up of novel dishes, promising to ignite the senses.

Offering a unique spin on familiar foods, the dishes will be crafted from common ingredients, though enhanced with its presentation and unpredictable flavours.

And although one should really enter the establishment with little to no knowledge of what’s to come to really be surprised and awestruck, patrons may note that Absurdities will open doors to new portals, giving all a chance to feast among six different locales.


Diners will begin at an unassuming speakeasy entrance, before traversing through an infinity mirror tunnel, which symbolises infinite possibilities. Thereafter, they’ll discover hidden doors transporting them to places as outlandish as a mystical jungle, a suburban American kitchen from the ‘50s, a Moroccan tent in the middle of the desert, and even the cabin of a luxurious private jet.

So if a feast for the senses sounds good to you, make your bookings to restaurant Absurdities, and look forward to letting your imaginations run free.

Absurdities is housed at a secret location. Open Thurs to Sat, 6:30pm-10:30pm. Entry is strictly via pre-booking; tickets and more information available here.