Part of the DBS Marina Regatta 2019

Busking in Singapore goes beyond performing on the streets for loose change. In fact, there is an official procedure of auditions and workshops compulsory to attend before one is licenced to busk, which is unheard of in many countries. Often we come across performers along the shopping belt of Orchard, or voices that ring with reverb throughout the connecting underground link of an MRT station, but how frequently do we give them recognition for their tireless work?

DBS’ Busking by the Bay celebrates local talent that enliven our streets with music or entertainment acts by giving a lineup of buskers a platform to wow crowds with their skills. Making up part of the Marina Regatta Bay Festival that takes place on The Promontory at Marina Bay, the buskers will line the festival’s perimeter with four hours of non-stop entertainment as you spend the day partaking and observing various activities, including a giant, eco-themed interactive maze, workshops, free sailing lessons, watersports and the annual Dragon Boat races that has over 90 teams paddling across the bay.

In addition to giving local buskers a platform to demonstrate their craft, the bayside celebration also emphasises the significance of sustainability in our society—by offering the public a chance to get involved. DBS introduces Wheel for Watt, a hands-on experience for audience members to generate electricity that will ultimately power the buskers’ equipment by pedalling stationary bikes.

For an evening of music and entertainment, take a day off to catch these local unsung music heroes; you might just be witnessing a world-class artiste in the making.

Busking by the Bay happens May 31-Jun 2, from 6-10pm, and is part of the DBS Marina Regatta 2019 held at The Promontory at Marina Bay. Admission is free and more information available here.