Enjoy an array of new experiences while supporting local businesses

If you have already taken a liking to local digital telco Circles.Life’s lifestyle platform Discover, then you’ll be pleased to know that a brand new category has just been introduced to focus on aggregating and showcasing the most interesting workshops and classes in town.

Boasting a total of five categories such as Arts & Crafts, Culinary, Fitness, Beauty and Hobbies, find over 100 workshops from 28 partner companies listed on Discover Fun that supports local businesses while spotlighting new experiences for Singaporeans.

With a mix of both virtual and physical workshops, feel free to try your hand at crafting cakes through lessons like a Baking Workshop by Nanatang; understand the art of self-defense thanks to Taekwon-Do and Hapkido lessons; or even create and personalise your own leather products with Maketh Project and their Leather Crafting Workshop.

Other notable experiences include kombucha brewing classes by Kombynation as well as perfume mixology by Oo La Lab.

As all Discover Fun workshops can be found on the Discover website, just browse the full list of classes available here.

Now not only will you be able to support Singaporean businesses, you’ll also get to pick up exciting new skills while partaking in fresh experiences on your special Singapoliday(s).

Check out Discover Fun on the Discover by Circles.Life platform here