Record a song and perform on stage with CK Star Celebrity Experiences

This is not your ordinary karaoke session. 

Unleash your inner Dave Grohl/Sam Smith/Taylor Swift at the first-ever CK Star Celebrity Experiences by concert organiser CK Star Entertainment.

Whether you are a budding crooner, karaoke enthusiast or simply want a special keepsake for an important occasion, this is your chance to record a song, perform on stage with a band and capture the experience on video. 


Sing your heart out
If you’ve always dreamt of having a professionally recorded track you could call your own, the Star Studio Recording Experience is it. 

For 90 minutes, you’ll create your audio masterpiece in a proper recording studio, located either at Kaki Bukit or Shunfu Road. You can bring along a partner to sing a duet, or even sing an original song (you’ll need to provide a backing track). 

The session is fully guided by music producers who will edit and mix the track so you’ll sound good (enough). You’ll receive an MP3 file of the song in a thumb drive within one week.


I had the chance to try it out, and it was certainly memorable. The Shunfu Road studio was a small but well decked out soundproof space. Daniel, a guitarist/music producer who has performed with artistes like Stefanie Sun, who would be my vocal savoir. 

At risk of sounding like a dying frog, I chose “City of Stars” from the La La Land soundtrack. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone I am not, so it took a while for my voice to warm up. 

I sang the song a few times, and was then asked to sing certain parts again as they were off key. Along with some autotuning and reverb, the best parts were switched together to create the final vocal track. I still sound like myself, but better.

Level up the experience
Now that you’ve experienced what a studio recording session is like, it’s time to hit the stage. Take it to the next level with Celebrity Live Stage Experience. Held at *SCAPE Live! Studio powered by EBX, the spotlight is literally shining on you.


Get first-hand behind-the-scenes immersion, from soundchecks and rehearsals with a live band, to the ultimate in showbiz—fronting the stage with a customised LED wall and concert grade lighting. 

Your performance (up to two persons in total) will come complete with a professional video recording.  

Supporting the industry
It’s no secret that the live music industry has been hit hard by the pandemic, and these activities are a way to support producers, musicians, bands and venue operators. 

CK Star Entertainment, known for bringing in acts such as Crowd Lu, Epik High and Kenny G, hopes that these out-of-the-box experiences will be a win-win for people who are looking for fun alternatives to travel and those working in the industry.

Sign up for Star Studio Recording Experience and Celebrity Live Stage Experience on Klook. More information on CK Star Celebrity Experiences is available here.