Get ready your cosplay outfits for Anime Festival Asia’s 11th run

A celebration of everything anime, the Anime Festival Asia (C3 AFA) is one of the most well-known cosplay festivals internationally. For over a decade, anime enthusiasts have flocked to the convention in the thousands to endorse their universal love for Japanese animation films and shows.

Following the extravagant turnout of 2018’s 10th anniversary edition, C3 AFA 2019 chimes in strong with a line-up that holds a candle to its predecessors. There’s the regular exhibition hall where you may encounter familiar faces, geek out over the latest anime, manga and other Japanese pop culture trends at the Akiba Town; and catch performances by local acts and other Japanese content by exhibitors. Hang by the Creators Hub to pick up fan-made merchandise such bookmarks and posters that will make for great souvenirs.

, Get ready your cosplay outfits for Anime Festival Asia’s 11th run

The Day Stage will host a variety of featured anime showcases, screenings, talks conducted by guests and celebrity cosplayers, which will definitely appeal to those interested to dig deeper into the world of anime and cosplay, but from 7pm onwards is when the real show begins. A three-night concert spectacle of language-transcending anime OSTs that will take the stage for I Love Anisong. Think J-Pop hotshots like Fhana, True, Junna and Minori Chihara, who have lent their voices and muscalities to animes such as Uchouten Kazoku, Buddy Complex, Kakegurui XX and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

And for the most hardcore of otakus, the VIP experience awaits. Access not only the concerts, but also get to meet an Anisong artiste for an autograph opportunity. VIP packages cost hefty sums—an all-access pass can go up to a whopping $408; but then again, who knows when you’ll get another chance to meet your favourite J-Pop phenomenons.

C3 AFA Singapore 2019 takes place from Nov 29-Dec 1 at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre. Tickets start from $15. More information available here.